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"Kings" + Final Words


The rest had all been lies, though. He did remember what he did to her that night, she was convinced of that. She could see it in his eyes. He only pretended to forget; it was easier to do that than to face his shame. Deep down Robert Baratheon was a coward. In time the assaults grew less frequent. During the first year of their marriage he took her at least once a fortnight; by the end it was not even once a year. He never stopped completely, though. Sooner or later there would come a night when he would drink too much and want to claim his rights. What shamed him in the light of day gave him pleasure in the dark.

“ Hard was the word men used when they spoke of Stannis, and hard he was. ”


Game of Thrones Meme » Four Deaths (1/4)

Robert Baratheon - Serve the boar at my funeral feast; apple in its mouth, skin seared crisp. Eat the bastard. Don’t care if you choke on him. Promise me, Ned. Killed by a big; ought to laugh but it hurts too much.


|GOT MEME| Eight Friendships [5/8Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon

I know what I’m putting you through.
              Thank you for saying yes.
I only asked you because I need you.
         You’re a loyal friend. You hear me?
   A loyal friend.
             The last one I’ve Got. 

      — Robert Baratheon; s1.01


a song of ice and fire: 10 Prophecies: 3/10 - Cersei’s Prophecies

Worms will have your maidenhead. Your death is here tonight, little one. Can you smell her breath? She is very close.