CS AUPrincess Emma is captured by a powerful sorceress on her eighteenth birthday. Alone and powerless, Emma doesn’t think it could get much worse until she is sold to the rich and infamous Captain Hook.

  once upon a time    au    emma x hook    wow!  


AU : Stiles’ past was following him in the shapes of dark , hollow nightmares.But this time , he was someone in his side to protect him.

      “His dark eyes were the last thing he saw before he fell into the darkness. He felt a strong urge to run away from all of this madness but his body wasn’t in a place to obey him.He was trying to count his fingers when he heard a voice , calling his name like a whisper.Stiles.He took a step further to follow it in the pitch black.I’m never going to find it he thought this can’t be real.

     Derek didn’t realize he was shaking until he was laying down next to him.He touched his hands and gave a light kiss while whispiring ‘Ssh.I’m here , Stiles.Y o u   d o n ’ t   n e e d   t o   b e   a f r a i d   a n y m o r e .'

  teen wolf    au  


Sherlementary AU: The Women

In which Jamie Moriarty shares more than just an identity with Irene Adler.

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Paris is always a good idea.

  teen wolf    au  

AU: Sarah calls Beth to go check up on her sister.

  orphan black    au    wow!  


Frozen meets OUAT

  once upon a time    frozen    au  


AU - In which Emma and Neal make it to Tallahassee and start a family.

  once upon a time    au    emma x bae  
→ btvs/hannibal [1/?]

In which Buffy meets Hannibal, figures out he eats people and then decides to outpun him.

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Elementary AU:
         ↳ Natalie Dormer as Sherlock Holmes.

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  game of thrones    Robb Stark    margaery tyrell    au